Become a Health Ed. Wellness Service Volunteer

Thanks for your interest in the Mississippi State University Longest Student Health Center's service volunteer program. Health Ed. & Wellness service volunteer educators are a selected group of students who provide health education programs on a variety of relevant health topics for MSU students. Program methods include presentations, group discussions, informational displays, and awareness campaigns. Topics include, but are not limited to, nutrition, stress management, sexuality, drug and alcohol education, and general wellness.

Responsibilities of a peer educator include:
• Attending weekly meetings/trainings
• Designing, organizing, and participating in awareness activities
• Designing and presenting health programs for residence halls
• Staffing information tables and displays
• Designing and/or distributing flyers, brochures, and posters
• Participating in campus-wide wellness projects

As you decide whether you would like to become a member of the service volunteer group for the Health Education and Wellness Department, please thoughtfully consider the expectations and level of commitment required. Being a service volunteer requires participation in training sessions and a time commitment of 20 hours per semester. Potential applicants should consider their academic load and other extra-curricular commitments before applying.

Please complete an application. After an interview with the service volunteer coordinator and graduate students, the service volunteers will be selected. Requirements for applying are that you must be a full-time undergraduate MSU student with a cumulative G.P.A. of 2.5 or higher. Students who can devote an entire year to the peer education program are preferred.

If you are interested in learning more about specific health issues, would like to raise the awareness of students on campus, and have the time and commitment to become a member of Health Ed. & Wellness volunteer group, you are encouraged to apply. If you have any questions, please contact JuLeigh Baker at 325-2141 or stop by the Health Education office (3rd floor) in the Longest Student Health Center.

Click here to download an Application: Service Volunteer Application

Applications can be emailed to or, hand delivered to the Student Health Center, or mailed to:

Health Education, Office 354
Longest Student Health Center
P. O. Box 6338
Mississippi State, MS 39762

Spring 2018 Health Service Volunteers

Hodricka Burnette
Kailon Chambliss
Matt Cole
Zachary Dixon
Shelly Dowell
Kathryn Fagan
William Fite
Tori Flynn
Gillian Goodloe
Sarah Gray
Keliyiah Grover
Alexandra Guion
Kierra Hawkins
Haley Hertenstein
Nicholas Hilson
Abigail Holman
Stewart Ippolito
Savanna James
Jada Johnson
Breyuna Lenoir
Kaitin Leonard
Justae Miracle Lockett
Luci Makamson
Jillian Masters
Sydney Melton
Jessica McAlphin
Allison Moore
Emily Moore
Leslie Morris
Lauren Moultrie
Kate Parkes
Laura Phillips
Landon Porterfield
Stephanie Riser
Emily Shelton
Rebekah Shirley
Ellie Smith
Je'Kylynn Steen
Bailey Stephens
Kristin Tadlock
Sophia Tempanaro
Kristin Thomas
Darlisa Topps
Brian Tow
Natalene Vonkchalee
Riley Wade
Lauren Nicole Washington
Chalsie White
Tamera White
Kenya Williams