Collegiate Recovery Community

The Collegiate Recovery Community offers comprehensive support services for recovering students. Housed within the Department of Health Education and Wellness, the CRC provides the programs and initiatives needed to enhance a student's recovery program. We embrace a wellness approach to recovery, choosing to focus on recovery enhancement as the best way to prevent relapse.

The Collegiate Recovery Community provides nurturing support to students in recovery from addictions and eating disorders. The CRC promotes courage, hope, citizenship, and love of humanity believing that recovery is the way to a better and more fulfilling life academically, professionally, and spiritually.

What is a Collegiate Recovery Community?

Goals of the MSU Collegiate Recovery Community

Resources and Group Meetings
MSU meetings (located at 140 Magruder St.):
Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): Wednesday, 8:30 PM*
Narcotics Anonymous (NA): Friday, 5:30 PM*
Eating Disorders Anonymous (EDA): Wednesday, 7 PM*
*Meeting schedule time may change at the beginning of each school semester.


Mississippi regional:


Collegiate Recovery Community Application

For more information contact or 662-325-2090.