Stay Dry Ambassadors Online Kit

Peer Education

1. Definition of peer education
2. Alcohol application of peer educator
3. Peer education and MUW
4. Role of peer educator
5. Knowledge and skills needed
6. Tips for peer educators

1. Peer Education

Peer education consists of persons within a similar or like group training others in a positive manner. According to Oxford Thesaurus a peer educator is a “fellow, equal, like, co-equal or match.”

2. Alcohol Application of Peer Education

Alcohol peer education has become necessary on many college campuses because of the recent developments of underage and binge drinking. Peer educators represent members of the student body who exhibit positive healthy choices. Therefore, at Mississippi University for Women Stay Dry Ambassadors, peer educators, are person’s attempting to raise awareness of alcohol abuse. This is being done by helping fellow students modify health belief, attitudes and behavior to underage and binge drinking.

3. Peer education and MUW

Many young people obtain false information from persons that are not knowledgeable about a subject. Peer education at MUW will prove to be a valuable training session to correct misconceptions regarding the attitudes and behavior of alcohol use. As a peer educator, you will be able to deal with alcohol issues based on your knowledge as a peer or equal. Who do young people talk to? EACH OTHER! Therefore, peer education will work because it affords you and your peers the opportunity to discuss and participate in activities with an exchanging of ideas and thoughts.

4. Role of peer educator

A peer educator is a leader. In this leadership role you will be called upon to be a positive example to your fellow students. Your values and concern is representative of the students at MUW. As a trained educator you will present the facts and research regarding alcohol. Recruitment of other educators who exhibit the same qualities is essential to reaching others.

5. Knowledge and skills

The basic requirement is to be a PEER.
The other requirements are a 2. Good listener. 3. Insightful. 4. Good communicator. 5. Out-going.
A peer educator SHOULD NOT be 1. Judgmental. 2. Hypocritical.

6. Tip for peer educators

Role: To give information.
Attitude: Positive.
Goal: Education with fun alcohol free activities.
Concerns: Campus drinking behavior.
Key words: Stay Dry! Reduce underage drinking and binge drinking.
Decisions: To make responsible alcohol choices.

Dear Peer Educator, You have volunteered or been asked to become a Stay Dry Ambassador at MUW because you exhibit the qualities necessary to represent MUW as an model student with values and concern for the student body. Basic training to educated your fellow students at MUW about the concerns of underage and binge drinking can be emailed to you. To become a Stay Dry Ambassador and request a copy of the educational kit email This packet will be completed over a 6 week period of time with on-going education. As a group you will consider the laws on alcohol use, the definition of both underage and binge drinking and you will become familiar with MUW’s alcohol policy. In addition, you will be asked to present ideas of how to reach your fellow students, recruit other educators and participate in mock interviews. Upon completion of the training you will be asked to sign this packet and return it to the Alcohol Prevention Coordinator stating that you understand what is required of you. I look forward to working with you.


Rosamund “Claudia” McDavis
Alcohol Prevention Coordinator