Past Workshops, Initiatives, and Conference Calls

October 2016 MCPP Conference Call

Fall 2016 Work on New Grants to Fund Additional Resources

Summer 2016 Mini Grants Available for Partners
Alcohol Prevention Incentives (T-Shirts, Water Bottles, Education Pamphlets and College Response Kits)

May 2016 Presentation by MSU, MCPP Lead University, at MSCAP Conference Alcorn University "MCPP Opportunities"

February 2016 Social Media Campaign Questionnaire to Distribute on Campuses (50 participants from each college)

August 2015 - December 2015

Social Media Campaign, Alcohol and Suicide Prevention

July 15, 2015 Mississippi State University
Master Training

July 14, 2015 Mississippi State University
QPR Master Training Workshop

June 24, 2015 Jackson State University
Membership Workshop